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Will it ever sink in?


When Christopher Schindler calmly swept home that penalty last May, my immediate reaction wasn’t an explosion of emotion, it was shock.

As the shock of what I had witnessed wore off, I was hit by wave after wave of emotion. Overwhelmed by the adulation and jubilation of the occasion, it took weeks, even months for me to come to terms with the consequences of that afternoon at Wembley.

Huddersfield Town was in the Premier League.

The following twelve months (give or take) have felt like an outer body experience; a distant daydream which at any moment I was going to be abruptly interrupted from.

At some point I felt like I would be interrupted from this dream to the dreaded reality that we were, in fact, marooned in the top half of League 1 with Owen Coyle at the helm.

However, my dream was never interrupted.

Instead, three hundred and forty-five days after that day at Wembley here I am, in shock, again, overwhelmed by adulation and jubilation again.

The reason why these waves of emotion had returned?

Huddersfield Town had secured their place in the Premier League for another season. Not only that, they had done it in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

With a trip to the Etihad and Stamford Bridge on the cards in a season-defining week, it looked like a grim, uphill task which would inevitably finish in heartbreak.

Instead, in the face of adversity, Town fought for their lives.

They showed a grit and determination which personified Huddersfield Town’s climb up the Football League to the summit.

As a fan, I didn’t expect it. My expectations remain as rooted to the ground as possible because at any moment, it can all be taken away from you.

But for now, I will savour every moment.

In all honesty, I’m still processing the fact that Town are in the Premier League in the first place and now we have another season to look forward to.

My one question for you, will it ever sink in?