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Wagner: “Mooy is a class number eight and a good number ten”

Image: examiner.co.uk

David Wagner has praised Huddersfield Town midfielder Aaron Mooy after his performance in the number 10 role against Norwich City.

Mooy played a more advanced role in the 3-0 win over the Canaries, scoring the second goal and providing something more than Jack Payne did against Burton Albion.

The Town boss acknowledged the Australia international’s versatility, but believes his best role is a support role.

In his pre-Nottingham Forest press conference, he said: “First of all, every manager is happy when you have a player who is a little bit variable and who is able to play different positions.

“But I still believe Aaron Mooy is an extra class number eight and a good number 10 as well.

“Yesterday he has shown he is a good number 10 even when he hasn’t played often in this position this season.

“But I think the players helped him and he helped the team with his great effort in the defence.

“He was not only good when we had the ball, he was tactically very strong as well when we had to defend as a whole team.”


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