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There’s plenty of hope to cling onto yet


No matter who you support, no matter what level that team plays at, a universal trait shared by all football fans is the ability to find optimism and hope.

Take Brechin City, a side that has already been relegated and has yet to register a win this season or closer to home or West Bromwich Albion who are languishing in the relegation zone by ten points.

To any outsider, these teams are doomed and destined for failure.

However, even in the face of complete adversity, these fans will find optimism from somewhere as there is always hope to cling onto. There is always an outside chance of defying the odds and doing the impossible.

In the case of Huddersfield Town, despite some of the reactions to Town’s recent form, their situation is far less severe than two teams that I have mentioned above and the impossible is not needed.

Considering every pre-season prediction predicted Town to be in the position that West Bromwich Albion are, the one that Town find themselves in currently is in fact, a favourable one.

It is how Town got themselves into this favourable position, through the early season form, which gives me hope that Town can get back on track.

When Town played with fearlessness and played to their strengths, they showed that they are more than a match for any side in the bottom half of the Premier League.

Since then, Town have lost their way and that brave, bold approach has dispersed. In its place, we have seen a side that has fallen victim to crises of confidence and crises of identity.

A by-product of these crises has been caution and conservativism and we have seen in recent weeks and months that neither suit this squad nor this football club.

However, despite this, the early season form demonstrated that this group of players under the management of David Wagner is capable of survival.

Put simply, for Town to defy the odds and retain their Premier League status, they need to revert to that early season psychology.

They need to play on the front foot and play with a fearlessness that allows them to overawe and overwhelm the opposition like they have already done in parts this season.

To do so, we, as fans, have to play our part.

We have to be the ones that instill the belief that is needed for this side to climb out of this rut and secure Premier League football for next season.

Rather than being shrouded by the disappointment of missed opportunities (which there has been plenty), we need to focus on what is to come. We have to find our voices and support this squad and manager to the hilt.

There are still plenty of opportunities to be had between now and the end of the season and with those opportunities comes hope. We have shown at times this season that we belong and we have shown that Premier League survival is not beyond this football club.

 There is plenty of hope for us as fans, to cling onto yet.