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The Greatest Town Manager of the Modern Era


To an outsider looking in, the title of this piece and the claim that David Wagner is the greatest Town manager of the modern era may seem bold and outlandish. 

However, the meteoric rise of Huddersfield Town over the course of the past two seasons and the continuous upward trajectory of this football club only offers a small insight into what David Wagner has done for this football club.

Wagner has been at the heart of a transition which saw Town transform from perennial Championship strugglers to Premier League regulars, all because of the work of David and his supporting cast.

Almost immediately, he bought into the ideals of this town and of this community and superimposed them into the club’s newfound identity, incorporating it into his philosophy.

He recognised that this traditional mill town was made up of hard-working people and that was quickly reflected on the field. That was where the hard working, stubborn in the face of adversity trait was borne and it has proved vital in both Town’s promotion and sustained tenure in the Premier League.

It was this recognition of what we are, a set of humble and yet ambitious people and what we sought for, a team who was willing to fight which made Wagner so unique. Wagner built a team full of characters and personalities who were willing to run themselves into the ground for the greater cause.

That is where David Wagner won the hearts and minds of this club, bestowed in tradition and success of a yonder year. 

To outsiders, it seems very simple why David Wagner is so endeared in Huddersfield. In West Yorkshire, he has had the Midas touch. Everything he has touched has turned to gold.

But it is so much more than that; his celebration when Elias Kachunga scored in the final minute against Derby, exuberant celebrations that were repeatedly infamously against Leeds United and also this season against Watford. It first and foremost showed that he cared. 

In those isolated moments, the entire town was as one. A shared collective jubilation both in the stands and on the pitch to the extent that, the nature of Wagner’s celebrations wouldn’t have been remiss of that of a fan.

That is why the success that we have had, to me, is an afterthought. He has united this football club, united this town and for many, he has made them fall back in love with football again. An achievement that is simply unquantifiable.

We haven’t seen Wagner receive the same amount of recognition as he did last season, he was not nominated for the Manager of the season award but he needn’t be.

We know what he has done for this football club.

We know what he has achieved goes beyond the success on the field. No amount of awards or recognition could ever come close to acknowledging how he has transformed this football club and what it means to the people of this town.

I’ll leave you with this point. We are at a poignant point in our modern history. In years to come, we will look back and reminisce about these years: The Wagner Era. 

Embrace it, treasure it, cherish these moments. 

We are watching history unfold before our eyes and it is all because of one man. The greatest Town manager of the modern era: David Wagner.