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The End of the Cycle


Like everything in life, football is cyclical.

Every football club has periods of unsubstantiated success that seem inconceivable from the outset, they suffer with desolate periods of utter despair and dismay which feel never-ending and then, there is everything in between.

It is what makes being a football fan so worthwhile, it is a journey. You witness the inconceivable, the improbable and the outright outrageous.

There are no shortcuts to being a football fan. You experience the elation of each and every zenith and suffer the anguish and pain of each and every nadir.

The constant throughout these peaks and troughs is our continued support, through the thick and thin. Our loyalty is one thing that can always be relied upon, no matter who is donning the famous blue and white stripes of Huddersfield Town.

In the case of Town, it has become increasingly apparent that the journey for this group of players is coming to an end, this squad has reached the end of its life cycle.

Over the past three years, this group of players, many of which were outcasts and on the fringes of their former clubs united to achieve a miraculous feat that compares with some of the finest in English club history.

They offered us unforgettable moments and memories which we never thought that we would see. Moments and memories that we can fall back upon as we slip back into the Football League at the place where our Premier League journey began, Selhurst Park.

In what has been a mess of a season from the beginning to its abrupt premature end, the outcome of this season was not just predictable but inevitable.

The spirit and camaraderie that had served us so well over the past two seasons had extinguished, the confidence and self-esteem of the collective squad had dissipated and the brutal defeats left this squad of players psychologically scarred.

Before a ball had even been kicked today, already you can see that the transition and transformation of this squad is unfolding before our eyes.

There were notable omissions of senior players whose commitment and loyalty and subsequent future at the club are very much in question.

Jan Siewert, the man tasked with overseeing this transformation and taking us forward, in many ways has been preparing us for what is to come.

In the summer, there will be no nasty shocks, just a heavy dose of reality.

Playoff heroes and those that helped keep Town remain in the Premier League for an additional season that nobody expected or anticipated will depart.

It will be a bittersweet ending to an unforgettable chapter in our recent history.

However, the future is bright. Already in recent weeks, we have seen the likes of Jon Gorenc Stankovic and Junior Bacuna who are part of the next generation step up to the mark and promisingly show what they are capable of.

Next season, a new cycle will begin. A new squad built and those new arrivals will be tasked to follow in the footsteps of those who had come before them and attempt to perform a feat that seemed as unlikely as the original, an immediate return to the Premier League.