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A dog is just a house-trained wolf,
We’ve learned that from those nature shows,
They’ve moved to calm domestic spots,
From Arctic or Antarctic snows.

We saw that played out in reverse,
On Sunday down at Molineux,
The Wolves were tamer, quieter,
The dogs did what the wolves should do.

With Billing, Hogg and Aaron Mooy,
They hunted hard, and fast, in packs,
To nullify their sluggish hosts,
And spring, at speed, their own attacks.

They all stood out in certain ways,
(Though Mooy might be the most distinct,
And demonstrated more than once,
His predatory goal instinct) 

And though Wolves came alive a bit,
A spell just following half time,
Their headed chance was hooked away,
By breathless Billing on the line.

All of the men in blue and white,
Could here be singled out for praise,
Which meant the team were at their best,
Which made for one of those Sundays.

And that was that, the roar had faded,
Another win, another week,
The Terriers had barked and bitten,
The wild Wolves were rendered meek.