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Talk of the Town editorial: Harry Kane’s standing ovation


Following the 4-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at the John Smith’s Stadium on Saturday, there has been much furore and debate over one particular moment during the game.

After scoring two of Spurs’ goals including a wonder-strike from over 25 yards, Harry Kane might have felt aggrieved to have seen his number come up to be substituted.

Many Premier League fans still doubt Kane’s credentials as a world-class striker even after such a magnificent performance and one he has consistently delivered since he burst onto the scene.

As he walked off the pitch, the crowd began to applaud him and the applause eventually turned into a standing ovation from all four corners of the ground, which Kane acknowledged.

Most fans, including Spurs fans recognised the gesture that we made in recognition of a world-class performance but some seem to disagree with the sentiment we gave to England’s No 1 striker.

We’ve seen some deride it as tin-pot whilst others have used it to symbolise a form of sanitation that has over-washed Town fans since our Premier League ascent. We at Talk of the Town disagree with that entirely.

We acknowledge that within football culture, there is very much a unique sense of tribalism and adversary. Football is one of the only sports where segregation is in place for football fans and there is a phenomological approach taken which regards the opposition as the other, even in some cases as the enemy.

So when Huddersfield fans rose to the feet to applaud a world class performance from Harry Kane, it was very much alien. It was alien in the modern era where we are more akin to name-calling and provocative chants. It was alien that allegiances were put to one side to acknowledge in purely footballing terms, an unplayable performance.

Harry Kane’s performance was one of, if not the best individual performance we have ever seen by any opposition player against Town. This is not the entire reason why fans rose to applaud him, however.

Kane’s attitude and professionalism have come to be a hallmark of him as a player as much as his goal scoring record is.  Town fans stood up to appreciate the person as well as the player who had torn us apart.

For some, this gesture will be seen as everything wrong with modern football but for us, the gesture was extremely simple, it was a recognition of a class act. Nothing more, nothing less.

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