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Tactics Explained | David Wagner’s Huddersfield Town


The video below gives some insight into David Wagner’s footballing philosophy which has been implemented and utilised so successful this season by Huddersfield Town.

The concise, well thought out and easy to understand video examines Huddersfield Town’s tactical set-up, both in and out of possession, through illustrations.

In possession, the video reveals the inner workings of David Wagner’s fluid 4-2-3-1 system by explaining the importance of the double pivot at the base of midfield. As well as the significant role of full-backs and inside forwards and the intertwining relationship they have in this system.

Building on Jurgen Klopp’s ‘gegenpressing’ philosophy, the video also explains how David Wagner’s side implements wide-channel pressing when out of possession.

More broadly, the video acknowledges that David Wagner has astutely operated in the transfer window to bring in tactically aware intelligent players who fit the system.

A culmination of these different tactically aspects leads uMax Football to the conclusion that David Wagner’s Huddersfield Town is the most innovative and tactically interesting side in the Championship.

For students of the game or Town fans in general, if you want to understand the advanced tactical set-up which David Wagner has implemented over the past eighteen months, this is a must watch.


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