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Offering an Alternative


We, as Huddersfield Town fans, find ourselves in a difficult and somewhat contradictory position.

For all the jubilation and memorable moments that we have shared as part of this fairy-tale journey from perennial Championship strugglers to Premier League regulars, there is a growing feeling that the coverage of Huddersfield Town has somewhat marred what should be the greatest times in our modern history.

Rather than adding to the experience and riding the crest of momentum, instead, the traditional outlets have fallen into a click-bait culture.

This attention-seeking pursuit, which sees outlets often courting controversy and sometimes treading the fine line of professionalism has not only undermined the club, it has also subsequently short-changed us, the fans.

The past couple of days have exemplified this.

We have seen what was already a fractious relationship between these outlets and the fan-base completely break down and now there is such a blatant disconnect between the two.

It leaves me posing the question, with the traditional avenues of coverage failing us, what do we do as fans? 

There appears to be two courses of action on the table to take.

The first is to confront these traditional outlets and vocally express our displeasure at the level and quality of the journalism which, in truth, has been regressing for quite some time.  However, this is simply inadvertently aiding their pursuit of ‘clicks’.

The second is to ignore these traditional outlets and not give them the satisfaction of a reaction. However, this course of action leaves us short of coverage which we more than deserve.

When we were promoted to the Premier League, Commercial Director Sean Jarvis proudly stated: “Huddersfield Town is back on the map”.

This has extended to the Huddersfield Town digital community where, along with us at Talk of the Town, a number of fantastic magazines, blogs and everything in-between have arisen.

As a conglomerate of voices, we are creating exciting, fresh and most importantly, authentic content devoid of click-bait, antagonistic and divisive polls or pointless articles. These only serve to create hostility and produce hyperbolic and sometimes abusive reactions from people.

We might be frustrated but do not let your anger boil over into inappropriate behaviour.

As fans ourselves along with the rest of the community, we are best placed to give people genuine coverage, analysis and rational opinion.

Nowhere will you find us patronising, belittling or ignoring our club in deference to a Premier League establishment like so many pundits do on a regular basis.

To this end, we propose a third course of action – find an alternative, something that we are now in the position to offer.

If you want Huddersfield Town related news on transfers, matches and a lens through which to view important and salient football issues happening in the world today, come to us and leave the world of ‘churnalism’ behind.

Regardless, there are a number of independent bloggers and commentators who offer different takes and insights into Town whom we recommend:

Thrice Champions- http://www.thricechampions.co.uk/blog/

Martin Sykes- https://htfcreports.com/

Terrier Spirit- http://www.terrierspirit.com/

Terrier Blog- https://www.terrierblog.co.uk/

Sivan John- https://twitter.com/SivanJohn_

Better than Klopp- https://betterthanklopp.com/

Smile a While Fanzine- http://smileawhile.co.uk/