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I was down at the seaside on Saturday,
Viewing art, eating fish and the lot,
And with Town kicking off as the evening began,
I had to admit I forgot.

You see a different game like that,
Snatching views through the windows of bars,
A second of action, a throw or a kick,
Try to work out the oohs and the aahs.

And I saw a resilient, pressing, Town,
I saw effort, a pink setting sun,
But I also saw that Liverpool scored,
And eventually Liverpool won.

The inevitable struggle from one week to next,
Is always hard against those at the top,
But something exceptional is needed before
David Wagner can overcome Klopp.

It arrived in the end, just another defeat,
Which we pretty much knew from the start,
Our solace? We might not have scored for ourselves,
But at least we weren’t ripped clean apart.