My First Game: Fin Miller

Finley’s first game…

If I’m being honest, he cannot remember it. Fin is a 12-year-old tweenager, so getting him to glance over the bright back light of his mobile phone to engage with me is a tricky feat in itself. Mention Huddersfield Town though and he’s alert, wide eyed and listening.

I’m sure he would love to tell you that his first match “the roar of the crowd gave him goosebumps” or “the smell of the freshly cut grass intoxicated his nostrils”, but no, all he can remember is me dragging him along, an ill fitting woolly hat astride his head, to watch us play teams like Dagenham & Redbridge on chilly Saturday afternoons…

Football is a rite of passage to most fans. Clubs are passed down generation to generation like old family heirlooms. Huddersfield were different to us though. I wasn’t born in Huddersfield and he’s not a Yorkshireman but we’ve lived here for all but 9 months of his life, so be it through divine intervention, a sense of duty or a loss of marbles, we started to follow.

His memories are vague. Memories can play tricks, cloud judgment and rose tint experiences. In his mind, Alan Lee was a quick and prolific goal scorer, scoring a wonder goal against Middlesborough… although the dense fog on that murky night might have played more of a role. He’s been a season ticket holder at Town since he was four and has been attending matches since he was 3 weeks old, but it wasn’t until that scorching hot day at Wembley in 2012 that he truly fell in love*…

(*although he’s very quick to point out that he’s not a glory hunter)

In the beginning, it was hard work.  Really hard work. Trying to drum up enthusiasm in a 4-year-old by a promise of a half-time Bovril and a visit to the club shop was hardly appetising. Unbeknownst to us though, something was happening, something quite magical…. and I’m not talking about being voted family club of the year 2008.

They say that, at aged 7, it’s usually make or break in whether they become lifelong football fans or end up dressed in black whilst sitting in their local Games Workshop.

Fin was 7 when up stepped his idle Alex Smithies and the rest, as they say, is history…”

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  • July 24, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Another excellent story from a youngster who profoundly loves his Huddersfield Town. Our club has a strong connection with the younger generation who are currently supporters, plus it is also does fantastic at encouraging new parents and their youngsters to walk through the turnstiles and experiment supporting their local club. They can then become full-time supporters or at least pop down to a game whenever possible. Like I said for Luca, I hope you get to plenty of Premier League away days Fin. Enjoy the Premier League journey young man. 😀👌

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