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‘Here to Stay’: LewRey’s Huddersfield Town anthem


Originating from Huddersfield, the duo of Lewis Reynolds and Ian Walker have today released a single to celebrate Town’s achievement of what was a historic season.

We got in touch with LewRey to ask about the newly released single ‘Here to Stay’ and what they aim to achieve with it.

“As crazy as it may sound, we started writing ‘Here To Stay’ roughly around halfway through last season.

“We originally just wanted to write a ‘feel good’ summer tune so it felt quite natural to take inspiration from the energy and buzz created by the football club.

“As the season progressed, we started writing lyrics in hope of what HTAFC could potentially achieve by the end of the season, with a genuine belief it could actually happen!

“That’s why the first 2 verses come from a fans point of view. The lyrics later in the song relate more directly to the club in general and players.

“It was quite hard to capture the atmosphere the fans felt during the play off final because it really was indescribable.  That’s why we decided to use commentary audio and crowd noise.

“We hope to have written a track that displays who we are as a band, but can be related to and appreciated by the club and the fans too.

“The song really is a celebration of the clubs achievements last season and hopefully delivers a positive message for next season too.”

Make sure to check out what could turn out to be Town’s anthem for next season, below is the necessary link and information regarding LewRey and their latest single. 

Release Date : Today!

Pre Order Link : www.itunes.com/LewRey/HereToStay

Upcoming Show Dates :

Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival (5th August)

PPG Canalside (before game) and Kings Bar Huddersfield (after game) – 20th August

Tokyo Huddersfield – 25th August (official launch of single)


  1. Good on them guys to both produce a song dedicated to the promotion season. It surely has a chance of making the playlist for home games.


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