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Editorial: A Step Closer to Parity


This afternoon, Huddersfield Town shared highlights of their Womens Team’s 4-3 victory over Stoke City’s Ladies on their main YouTube channel for the very first time.

To the outsider, this may seem nothing more than a minute gesture but it is, in fact, a step closer to parity.

Whilst the move offers more exposure to an audience that may potentially be unaware, it is also a broader example of the changing times.

Each year, women’s football is attracting more and more attention and not only amongst the female audience. Talk of the Town believe it will reach a stage where football clubs will capitalise on this growing interest.

When it came to ticket pricing which was seemingly spiralling out of control, Dean Hoyle’s Huddersfield Town were at the forefront as pioneers of affordable football for all.

As one of the most progressive, inclusive and forward-thinking football clubs in the Premier League and across all four divisions, we would love to see Huddersfield Town take a similar stance when it comes to Women’s football.

Already, some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City have begun initiatives that have shared the fan-base between the two sides and bridged the gap.

Paris Saint-Germain launched an initiative which saw a match ticket become eligible to be used at both the women’s game and the men’s game on a single weekend.

Manchester City, on the other hand, have a set up which sees their women’s team play at their Academy Stadium, a stone’s throw from the Etihad Stadium which is a well-connected and purpose-built ground.

In the near future, it won’t be a surprise to see football clubs take advantage of this growing market and open it up even further by having the main stadium used for both Men’s and Women’s matches of a single club.

In the case of Town, if the relationship between the club and the Huddersfield Town Ladies continues to grow, we hope the next step is a forward-thinking and progressive one in which the Ladies’ field their matches at PPG Canalside which, like Manchester City’s Academy Stadium, is well-connected and much more accessible than the Stafflex Arena at Storthes Hall.

Another alternative, albeit depending on logistics and legalities, would be to stream Huddersfield Town Ladies’ games on the Huddersfield Town Youtube channel like we have seen the club do with certain Academy fixtures.

Whilst today’s step towards parity will probably slip under the radar of most, Talk of the Town commends Town for this move and we hope to see the relationship between the two clubs blossom with increasing amounts of interaction and engagement in the near future.