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Denis Law: United by love


Legendary former Manchester United and Huddersfield Town striker Denis Law is relishing the first meeting of his former clubs in almost half a century.

The Scot made his mark in English football with Town when he moved to Yorkshire before establishing himself as one of the best-known players in the world at Old Trafford.

And that is why he has been looking forward to the Town-United clash more than any other fixture this season.

“It’s so nice that Town are back in the Premier League because it’s a club that is really important to me,” Law told TOTT.

“It was Huddersfield that gave me my big break and I had five really happy years at Leeds Road before they had to sell me to raise money and I’ve still got a lot of friends in Huddersfield.”

It is a fixture that will have added poignancy for Law as he was among the scorers when the United last visited Huddersfield in October 1971.

“Both fixtures this season will be really special occasions for me because both clubs really mean a lot to me,” Law added.

“I remember playing Town after I’d left and I felt bad about us beating them because they were a big part of my life.

“Huddersfield was where I first learned my trade under Andy Beattie and Bill Shankly who were like father figures to me and so I’ll always be grateful to them and the club. 

“It’s funny but I thought I might end up following Bill to Liverpool but they didn’t have the £10,000 or whatever it was to buy me.

“The rest is history but Huddersfield will always be the start of my love affair with professional football which is why I’m so pleased for the club and the town that they went up.”

Law is also hoping that Premier League exposure will earn Town recognition for their place in football history.

“Everyone knows about Manchester United but being back in the Premier League and the coverage they will get will make sure that everyone gets to know about Huddersfield Town’s rich history as well,” Law added.

“When you think back to Huddersfield becoming the first club to win the league three times in a row, it reminds you what a huge club it is and that it’s got a history to be proud of.

“I joined the club when I was just 15 years old and they were in the old First Division but unfortunately they got relegated that year. 

“Still, I’ve got great memories of Huddersfield. We had Ray Wilson in our team and he went on to win the World Cup with England at Wembley. I bet Huddersfield fans will have felt just as happy as he was back then when they got promoted.”

Regardless of the result, it will be a very special occasion for Denis Law and a very special occasion for us all to relish and enjoy. This is what the Premier League is all about. 


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