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I write this in the immediate aftermath of the announcement that David Wagner has left Huddersfield Town by mutual consent and admittedly, I’m still in a state of shock.

Since virtually the entirety of Huddersfield fell in love with David Wagner, three and a half years ago, it’s become hard to think of life beyond the enthusiastic, bespectacled German.

Straight talking and to the point, David Wagner gave me and countless Huddersfield Town fans, memories and moments to remember that were beyond our wildest imagination.

I never believed in my lifetime that I would see Huddersfield Town in the Premier League and he made that happen, against all the odds.

Like promotion to the Premier League itself, David Wagner’s departure seems almost surreal.

By now, he seems part of the very fabric of this football club.

Himself and his family immersed themselves in this town and in this local community and the loss of that, irrespective of what happens on the field or what happens next, is heart-wrenching.

To the onlooker, it may have seemed inevitable; stranded at the bottom of the table with next to no hope of survival.

However, I think most true Huddersfield Town fans would rather have David Wagner at the helm than to barely exist in the Premier League.

Relegation or not this season, the impact that David Wagner has had at this football club is almost unquantifiable.

One thing is for certain, he will go down as a living Huddersfield Town legend. 

In years to come, we will look back to that promotion-winning side and the side that managed to survive in the Premier League, we will recount the tale to future generations and we will reminisce about the man that masterminded it all, David Wagner.

The debate will rage on for decades: who is the greatest Huddersfield Town manager of all time?

Herbert Chapman? Mick Buxton? David Wagner? 

David Wagner may have been here for only three and a half years but he has made as compelling and convincing case as any.

Almost immediately, David Wagner brought the love of the game back for so many Huddersfield Town fans who were left in the cold, disenfranchised and paralysed by apathy.

He began by dispelling the myth that there was a ceiling to this football club could achieve. In fact, he went beyond that.

I will remember David Wagner for the countless minor miracles that he performed at this football club, time and time again.

I will remember how he made defying the odds and doing the impossible seem almost second-nature.

I will remember the sprints down the touchline to celebrate last-minute winners as he embodied the emotion of every single Huddersfield Town supporter in the terraces.

In those moments, he shared the same passion and love for this football club that we all do.

For that, for the moments of unadulterated joy and jubilation, for the 29th May 2017 and everything that has followed, all I can say is thank you. You gave me the best years I’ve ever experienced as a Huddersfield Town fan.

To the author of our fairy-tale story who turned our dreams into a reality…

Danke David.