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Crossed Swords


The East End came to Yorkshire’s hills,
Crossed Hammers instead of crossed swords,
It was less than a week since the West End had been,
Two games we’d been working towards.

Wagner’s men left the traps like a greyhound,
With the rabbit the goal and the win,
Alex Pritchard the man for the moment,
Squeezed his low distant shot inches in.

The lead soon established a dominant side,
Flooding forward in search of yet more,
That cross-shot from Billing was bound for the goal,
But for some reason Town cannot score.

Everything changed when the break came,
As it does sometimes now for this team,
Their opponents are able change things around,
While Town’s starters run out of steam.

But it wasn’t disaster on Saturday,
Disappointment, perhaps, but no worse,
A couple of weeks going forward,
After a couple of months in reverse.