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Chris Löwe: A Tribute to the unsung hero of the Wagner Era


The announced departure of Chris Löwe to Dynamo Dresden was one which sees him leave the club as a Huddersfield Town legend.

A low-key, dignified return to Germany is a move which reflects the personality, character and class that Löwe blessed this football club with for three seasons.

Whereas some Town players will use many methods to express their desire to leave Huddersfield Town this summer, Löwe’s decision is impacted by his desire to build a life for his young family in his native country – a sentiment that we can all empathise with and understand.

It is a sensible, measured decision that reflects the personality of Löwe who demonstrated that same maturity, on and off the pitch.

During the Wagner era, Chris Löwe shared dressing rooms with bombastic personalities, cult heroes and a whole range of quirky characters.

In comparison, Löwe has always come across as reserved, quiet and a dedicated professional who gained the trust and respect of everyone around him, including the fans.

Despite this reserved persona, Löwe was not one to shirk responsibility or shy away when it mattered. Being the first to put his hand up to take a penalty at both Hillsborough and Wembley showed heart, courage and nerves of steel. He duly converted both of them.

Having made ninety-three appearances for Town including that famous late afternoon at Wembley, Löwe leaves the club having made a considerable impact and an equally positive impression.

He played an integral role in both Town’s promotion to the Premier League and their extended stay there for a season longer than anyone expected. However, he also showed his class off the pitch.

Löwe was always someone who recognised and appreciated the support of us as a fan-base and the unified nature of this football club and he repaid that by giving back to the community it so proudly represents.

Whether it was visiting local schools to help run the breakfast club or by taking time out of his day to take a photo or sign an autograph, Löwe always showed a level of class that sees him go down in club folklore.

In decades time, Town fans will reminisce about the Wagner era, with pristine memory of each and every member of that squad including Chris Löwe.

I pen this article with the description of Löwe in the title as an unsung hero. However, with the departure of 30-year-old announced, that description is quickly becoming defunct.

All Town fans are singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to Löwe and the tributes will continue to flood in as an act of appreciation of Löwe’s services to this football club.

Ever reliable, a consistent performer and a model professional, Chris Löwe leaves with his reputation firmly intact. He has been a positive influence to everyone around him and will be sorely missed.