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Bad Luck


It does exist, bad luck, I know,
In life, exists, as well as sport,
I know this to be true, I’ve seen,
Bad luck, and well, as well, as good.

There is a claim that luck will balance,
In sport, in football, even out,
This claim is made as though bad luck,
Discriminates its visits.

And yet, it happens here; and now,
Bad luck I hear every week,
There is a time bad luck is not,
Bad luck, that is, but simply bad.

And maybe we must face that now,
That luck is not the problem there,
The dice that Wagner rolls each week,
Are loaded set against him.

Can he redress the balance now,
And tilt the scales of luck towards?
Can he make gold from what he has,
Or is the game already lost?

And if it is, what then of luck,
It doesn’t have a say at all,
It does exist, bad luck, I know,
But more exists bad football.