An honest mistake: Adama Diakhaby editorial


    Adama Diakhaby hasn’t had the easiest of starts to his Huddersfield Town career.

    Bought from AS Monaco for a sizable fee of £10 million, Diakhaby has since been a victim of circumstance.

    David Wagner’s tactical switch to a narrow 3-5-2 system this season has seen Town’s wingers including summer arrival Adama Diakhaby limited to a handful of appearances.

    Although it must be said, Diakhaby has failed to impress his manager David Wagner when coming off the bench and didn’t even make the bench in the last game, a 2-0 victory against Wolves.

    What has emerged in the last few hours is a worryingly honest interview in which he expresses his frustration at being left out of the first-team, revealed that David Wagner hasn’t given him any feedback about being omitted from the side nor that he has a close relationship with the charismatic German.

    Despite the leading questions that the journalist in question gives him and his English skills clearly needing some improvement, as a professional player, you cannot allow yourself to be caught in questions like this.

    You have two options: either straight-bat the question away with a non-sequitur which can be easily chucked away or lie.

    We all want our players to show emotion, character and personality but this is a small PR disaster for the club.

    A player accepting an interview with a journalist who seemingly hadn’t been vetted by the club with no PR officer present to intervene if he began to give away revealing answers needs to be sorted out quickly and efficiently.

    We at Talk of the Town believe this is a genuine honest mistake from a player whose frustrated at his lack of game-time at the club.

    He does not deserve personal ire from the fans, nor does the journalist any Town fan sending her vile or sexist abuse needs to calm down, step away from their keyboard and sleep on it.

    By all accounts he is a genuinely well-mannered man who has already done his bit in helping out at the Town Foundation and has settled into the dressing room well.

    However, that is not to say he is immune from criticism for such a foolish mistake.

    The worry is now that, much like a certain frustrated Australian left-back was when he vented his frustrations to an obscure media outlet at his lack of playing time, he quickly found out that his openness sealed his move away from the club and the ostracization of himself from first-team affairs.

    We hope in Adama Diakhaby’s case that this does not happen. However, we would not be surprised if Wagner stamped his authority once again on the squad by repeating his actions toward Davidson on Diakhaby.

    If lessons are to be learned from this by the players, it’s this: always double-check your media requests, if you’re unsure about what questions you’ll be asked, make sure a member of the Comms team at the club is present to help you and don’t openly question David Wagner’s authority or decisions.